Cork Coasters

Cork is an amazing sustainable material harvested from the cork oak tree. Every 9 years, the bark is harvested

without harming the tree.

These cork coasters are 3.8″ (9.7 cm) square, and 1/4″ (6 mm) thick. Each set includes 4 laser etched designs

that are permanently burnt on the surface of each coaster. The coasters are then sealed with a non toxic water

based polyurethane.
Available Sets:

– Dragonfly

– Nautilus Shell

– Tree

– Fern

– Nature Set (one of each design)


Sets of 4 are $18 USD. Buy them here.


DSCN0747  DSCN0741

DSCN0750  DSCN0745


Custom Daisy Necklace

This week in the studio I finished this custom made daisy necklace – pretty and bright for a summer wedding. Each flower is made of laser cut birch that has been hand painted, and the center of each flower is engraved with my favorite part of a daisy – the spiral pattern of florets (the same pattern can be found in sunflowers). Nature is amazing, and these are little tokens to celebrate it.


twisted spiral - spiral pattern in a daisy