Cabinet Door Grills

These door panels were made as part of a walnut liquor cabinet I built as my final project in school. I designed them and cut them out of 1/8″ hardboard. They were sprayed matte black then installed in the doors with a piece of textured amber glass. I was very happy with the matte finish – they look like metal.

Here are the finished panels before installation:

3 door panels


This is what they looked like with the stained glass:

panels with glass

And a process shot – here’s what the wood (hardboard) panel looked like just out of the laser.

door panel - process


Glass Mirror

This is just a little logo sample of what an engraved glass mirror looks like. It’s actually the back foil that is engraved- if it was the glass on the front you would see a double image/ghosting effect.

When glass is engraved it takes on a textured/whitish appearance. If it’s backlit, the engraved part is translucent enough to see colour behind it… I keep thinking this would be interesting to put a light box behind, or even hang it in a window as part of a stained glass installation.

It’s also not the easiest thing to photograph!


mirror engraving